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Six Flags St. Louis: Review

Updated: May 24, 2021

Six Flags St. Louis can be seen as one of the big theme parks of the Midwest. In fact, it used to be titled 'Six Flags Mid-America.' Being the closest location to our home, I have visited this park a couple of times over the past few years. Here are my thoughts after a recent visit back to this Missouri staple.

* Hurricane Harbor, the water park included with admission, was closed during our visit and will not be included in this review.*


The Joker


One big highlight about this park is that there is a HUGE variety of rides! Whether you like coasters, chill rides, or something to entertain small children, they've got plenty for everyone. As a coaster junkie myself, I was really pleased with how many different coasters they have! I enjoyed myself on all of them we were able to experience. A couple coasters, The Boss and Boomerang, were pretty rough. Although fun, It left me with a headache for the rest of the day!

A few of my favorite rides include Batman:The Ride, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and American Thunder.


Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Theme Overview

I always love getting to see all of the DC/Warner Bros themes around any Six Flags park... St. Louis offers plenty of that! But, when it comes to themed areas, that is where the park really lacks. There are supposed to be different themes like an 'Illinois' area, Studio Backlot and Gateway to the West. Unfortunately there's not much that feels different or to make you even see it.

Entrance to Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast Coaster


For a Six Flags, I was pretty impressed with the ticket price! For May 2021 (With the water park still closed,) A single day ticket was only $30! And depending on the time of the year, season passes could be worth as little as the price of a trip and a half. So if you plan to come more than once during the year, I would recommend getting season passes!

The Flash passes were also a pretty good deal. They have three different kinds: Bronze, Gold and Platinum. It seems to be the higher rank of Flash pass, the quicker you can get on the ride. We purchased the gold passes for $60 each and really enjoyed using them! We did not have to wait hardly at all for anything during our visit. Even without it, I never saw a wait time that went over an hour (and this was on a Saturday!)

You can either purchase a band to load them on or use their online portal on your phone; The latter option will allow you to reserve a ride at a time, which worked well for the most part. For some reason, as soon as the park opened we were unable to reserve the Ninja coaster, which claimed to be full all day. That was a little disappointing, but thankfully the only ride we had that issue with.

Overall Thoughts

Although I have only been to a few Six Flags theme parks, this one currently stands as my favorite...Mainly due to the price/value ratio and it being MUCH less chaotic than its sister parks. Six Flags St. Louis seems to attract many more locals vs. tourists. While it isn't the most new or updated park, it still has a lot to enjoy that can keep you busy for hours. If you live or are visiting the St. Louis area, you should give this park a shot!




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