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Outfit Inspo for Summer Travel

disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links where I may receive a commission.All opinions are my own.

It's almost that time of year again, folks - Time to get out of hiding and get ready for all of the fun that summer has to offer! Being outdoors, going to festivals, taking vacations.... There's so much to get to look forward to. Speaking of taking vacations, it's the perfect time to start planning all of those travel outfits. Well, at least for me it is. :)

Here are a couple outfit inspirations to use for your next trip. I've also partnered with Vessi to pair my outfits with some incredibly cute (and comfy!) shoes. Not only this, but Vessi's shoes are waterproof, so that means no matter the weather or conditions, your shoes can keep your feet dry!

Vessi's Everyday Move shoes are great for casual or sporty wear. I love to add these to outfits for chill days, errand-running, but especially activities that include a lot of walking! On days like these, I also usually go for a comfy pair of shorts with a fun top, like above.


Some of my favorite vacations to take involve tons of exploring - in other words, I NEED to have walkable shoes that doesn't lead to blisters and pain after being out on the town! The Weekend style works wonderful for that, but I really love how it still goes great with dressier clothing choices. My favorite combo right now involves a flow dress, so I can put cute and casual together.

P.S. - Vessi also has socks that go great with their shoes! With all of the walking that I do, the heel tab keeps everything in place so I don't had to keep adjusting them all day.


When it boils down to it, I have two things that I keep in mind while picking out my trip outfits: fashionable and practical! Yes, we've gotta be reasonable with what we're going to be exploring in all day, but we have to look cute for Instagram too, don't we??

If you're looking for some new shoes to add to your travels, Vessi is a great company to check out! You can check out their selections here with my link.




Hey there, I'm Shelby! Traveling has been one of my biggest passions in life, and so I'm here to share all of my great finds, tips and advice that I discover along the way. When I'm not on a plane, you can find me in Kentucky with my husband and fur child, Zoe (My adorable kitty!) 

I have always loved to write, and after many attempts at blogging again, I find myself here and inspired to share the world. My husband and I both work a typical 9 to 5, but make it a priority to plan as many trips as possible each year. I want to show others that it is totally possible to live a travel-filled life full time or on the side!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!


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