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My Review of Gateway Arch National Park

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I can't believe that I have been on this Earth for 26 years and did not visit my first national park until my most recent birthday. Granted, I had been to the Gateway Arch before, but years before it was officially a national park. Now, I've got a long list and a LOT of ambition to visit every national park in the U.S.! One down... over 60 to go!

Even though I haven't been to the other national parks yet, it's obvious to tell that the Gateway Arch is very different from the others - mainly because it's not really a park. There is a small area to walk around, but the monument itself is the attraction. Don't let that stop you from going, though! It's pretty cool to experience. You'll hop into a lift up to the very top (on the inside,) and get some of the best views of the whole city!

As soon as you get there, you'll realize the entrance is underground. It starts with a giant museum about the Arch and more on St. Louis history. There's also a cafe and visitors center. If you have spare time, I highly recommend checking out the museum section - It's really neat and has a lot of interesting things that you can learn!

Once you're ready to head to the top, that's where the fun really begins! You start out by learning a little history about the Arch being built, which is really interesting. Then comes the actual lift to the top; I will warn you, if you're claustrophobic, it is a very small and tight ride up! I felt fine on the ride, but if you have a big party you may feel a little uncomfortable on the way up.

At the top is the best part! The views of St. Louis are really cool to check out. On one side you'll find downtown, and the other Illinois. If you get elevation sickness, you may or may not feel a little queasy at the top. (I did slightly the first time, second time not at all.) After you're done sightseeing, you should also walk around the park! It's right on the Mississippi River, so it's a really pretty area!

Overall Thoughts: I think this is a great tourist attraction for visiting St. Louis. I don't really think of it as a national park, but more as a national monument.You definitely don't need any more than a few hours here. The experience itself is awesome and worth it! Therefore, I wouldn't make it a priority park but to have it on my list to see eventually.




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