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10 Awesome Things To Do In San Diego

If there's one thing that I always say after a visit to California, it's how much it feels like a whole other world compared to the rest of the U.S... and I mean that in the best of ways! Now that I've been to just about every major city in the state, it's only solidified my decision more on California being one of my favorite places in this country.

Up until just recently, there was one more big city I needed to visit in the Golden state: San Diego. And let me tell you, I absolutely loved it there. Perfect weather, bustling palm trees and do!!

We explored for almost a week, and I already feel like I need to go back to tackle more off my bucket list! With that being said, here are some awesome things you can do in America's Finest City.


Get Some Thrills at Belmont Park

If you've been on this blog long enough, then you know that not only do am I a travel enthusiast, but a coaster thoosie as well! Any opportunity to get to ride some awesome rides I will take....

Belmont Park is located in the Mission Street area of San Diego, right next to the beach. It's a popular spot that also is home to many street vendors, restaurants and beach bums. At Belmont itself, there's a TON of stuff to do.... rides, arcades, zip-lining, rock climbing, etc. Make sure to get a ride on their historic coaster, the Big Dipper, while you're there!


Explore the Grounds of Balboa Park

Any prior research you do upon visiting San Diego will tell you to pay a visit to Balboa Park. There's an obvious reason for that; it is as cool as everyone describes it to be!

I was actually shocked at how big this area is when I was there. Little did I know this park would hold so many museums, gardens and stunning architecture. You definitely won't be able to do it all in one go, but even just tackling a couple of attractions here will have you feeling more than satisfied. We checked out the Comic Con Museum, and it was a great way to nerd out without being at the actual con itself!


Indulge In Nerd Culture at the Comic Con Museum

The San Diego Comic Con is still on my bucket list to this day - Being one of the country's biggest, people from all over travel for this weekend event. Although I wasn't there while it was going on, I discovered that Comic Con has its own museum... a great place to explore if you can visit the con itself!

During our visit (and through January 2023,) they've got a great exhibit on the history of Spiderman. The rest of the museum shows the history of different comics and the actual convention. It was pretty cool to experience!

Pay A Visit to the La Jolla Cove Sea Lions

La Jolla was easily my favorite area of San Diego to visit. The best part? The many adorable sea lions that chill out right on the shore!! I had never seen one outside of a zoo before, so it was pretty crazy to see them out in the wild, lounging around on the beach for everyone to see.

They seem to slightly change their location from time to time, but all you have to do is follow the fishy smell and spot the group of tourists gazing at them in awe! Aside from the sea lions, this area is also great for some beach time, and there's a cute little park nearby to hang out at.


Experience the Sea Creatures at Birch Aquarium

This is a great option to consider if you're visiting with family, because no matter what age you are, you'll find lots of interesting things at Birch Aquarium! There are dozens of exhibits with all kinds of different fish and critters, my favorite being the blue cute!!

And a plus to this aquarium is the amazing view you get of La Jolla from the back! We stood there for at least 20 minutes soaking in the sights of the beach, buildings and many surfers.


Catch A Padres Game at Petco Park

I love me a good baseball game - the atmosphere, excitement, and of course, the food! We also lucked out by coming on Star Wars night, which added a fun light show to the end of the game. And with the Padres winning at the last minute, that sure did add to the experience!

Padres fans are a fun crowd, so no matter who they're playing, you're bound to have a great time here. The stadium itself is also lovely, and has a ton to do inside and out!


Check Out One of the Best Zoos in the Country

Yep, you heard that right. The San Diego Zoo is one of the biggest and most popular in the U.S.! I don't normally go out of my way to visit zoos while traveling to other places, but I knew with all I had heard that I couldn't pass this one up.

This place is so massive that you could easily spend an entire day here. There's also a ton of animals that I have never seen at any other zoo before, such as koalas! (OMG, they were adorable.) What's even better is that they offer double decker bus rides around the zoo, so you can experience what there is to offer without wearing yourself out from the long walks.


Taste Test A Flight At Mission Brewery

If there is one thing that was made known to me during our visit, it's that San Diegan's really enjoy their beer! A family member took us to Mission Brewery, which not only was a convenient place to hang out before a Padres game, but also a place with some fantastic brew options.

Their indoor space is super cozy, and the second floor offered a great view of Petco Park from the giant windows. I'll admit, I'm a picky beer drinker, but the first one I tried I immediately fell in love with!


Eat Some Amazing Food from the Taco Stand

While staying in La Jolla, we kept driving past this small stand that always had a long line out the door... I am no fan of lines, but it was definitely peaking my curiosity! Before our trip ended, my family and I agreed that we would check it out to see why it was so popular. The answer? Um, some INCREDIBLE tacos!

Although the lines seemed long, they know how to work through them speedy quick! We tried different kinds of tacos and guacamole, loving every bit of it. You can also get churros, burritos and other goodies here, too!


Bring Out Your Inner Child At Legoland

This will probably be best if you have kids traveling with you, but even if you're just a kid at heart or are a fan of Legos, you will have a blast here! San Diego is within a couple hours distance from some of the best theme parks - Sea World, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm... Luckily, Legoland was only a half hour drive from La Jolla, so we decided to spend a day there.

Not only are there a ton of fun rides, but there's also all kinds of Lego sculptures throughout the park! They even have replicas of some of the most famous landmarks throughout the world.


San Diego has become a new favorite for me and has really impressed me after my first visit! The culture, food and people are all an A+ in my book. No matter you're age or what you're into, I promise there is no way you can get bored here!

I can't wait to plan another trip back in the future - What is your favorite thing to do here, or what are you most excited to see on your next visit?




Hey there, I'm Shelby! Traveling has been one of my biggest passions in life, and so I'm here to share all of my great finds, tips and advice that I discover along the way. When I'm not on a plane, you can find me in Kentucky with my husband and fur child, Zoe (My adorable kitty!) 

I have always loved to write, and after many attempts at blogging again, I find myself here and inspired to share the world. My husband and I both work a typical 9 to 5, but make it a priority to plan as many trips as possible each year. I want to show others that it is totally possible to live a travel-filled life full time or on the side!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!


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